21:16 | 21.04.2017
ENGIE Is Now Supplying Solar Power to the City of Houston through a New 50 MW Plant

The City of Houston and ENGIE are pleased to announce that ENGIE’s 50 MW
SolaireHolman plant is now on line, operational, and capable of
providing up to 10.5% of the City’s electricity needs with clean,
affordable solar power for the next 20 years under a power purchase
agreement. This agreement solidifies the City’s status as the largest
municipal purchaser of renewable energy in the United States.

Located in Alpine, Texas, SolaireHolman, developed and implemented
jointly by ENGIE subsidiaries Solairedirect North America and ENGIE
North America, is one of the largest solar installations in the state of
Texas. The project includes 203,840 solar panels on 360 acres and will
provide electricity for Houston locations as diverse as the Hermann Park
Zoo, the Bob Lanier Public Works Building, wastewater treatment plants,
and several Bush Intercontinental Airport terminals.

“I want to thank ENGIE and all those who worked on this project for this
fabulous Earth Day present,” said Mayor Sylvester Turner. “As the energy
capital of the world, it is important that Houston lead by example and
show that investing in solar and renewable energy is a critical tool
cities must use to prepare for the future. As the nation’s largest
municipal purchaser of green power, we are living proof that large,
industrial cities like Houston can have a robust economy but also help
fight climate change.”

“We’re very proud to serve the City of Houston, a national innovator and
substantial customer by any measure,” said Marc-Alain Behar, Managing
Director for Solairedirect North America. “One of the most gratifying
parts of our work at ENGIE is aligning with customers to provide the
best value we can. Through SolaireHolman, the City of Houston will
strengthen its energy portfolio with clean, low-cost solar power for the
benefit of all the people who live and work in this vibrant community.
What an excellent way to mark Earth Day 2017.”

The SolaireHolman plant solidifies the City of Houston’s national
leadership in renewable energy and growing use of solar energy. For the
past two years, the City has ranked #1 in the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Top 30 Local Government list of the largest
green power users from the Green Power Partnership. Houston is also #7
on EPA’s overall Top 100 green power users. The City uses nearly one
billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of green power annually, which represents
more than 89% of its total energy needs.
About ENGIEWith its North American headquarters in Houston, ENGIE manages a
range of energy businesses in the United States and Canada, including
electricity generation and cogeneration, natural gas and liquefied
natural gas (LNG) distribution and sales, retail energy sales, and
comprehensive services to help customers run their facilities more
efficiently and optimize energy use and expense.Nearly 100
percent of the company’s power generation portfolio produces no carbon
emissions or very few.Globally, the company is present in 70
countries and employs 153,090 people, including 1,000 researchers in 11
R&D centers. For more information, please visit,
@ENGIENorthAm, and SolairedirectENGIE holds a 95% stake and 100% voting rights in Solairedirect, a
key player in the generation of competitive solar power and present in
four continents. Founded in 2006, Solairedirect’s objective is to create
added value along the entire production chain, from development,
construction and services, to solar power installation investments. As
of December 31, 2016, Solairedirect recorded 1.5 GW of solar projects
around the world (constructed and under construction).About HoustonThe fourth most populous city in the United States, Houston is home
to more than 2 million people, 23 Fortune 500 companies, 500 cultural,
visual, and performing arts organizations, 11,000 restaurants, one of
the top two U.S. ports for both international waterborne tonnage handled
and total cargo tonnage handled, and the largest medical center in the
world. Also home to more than 5,000 energy related firms, Houston is
considered by many to be the Energy Capital of the world.View source version on


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