5:38 | 14.02.2018
Feb. 14th: ‘We Love LA!’ Open House Celebrates Makeover of Madison Hotel as Housing for Homeless

On Valentine’s Day, Wednesday, February 14th, advocates and
officials with ‘Healthy Housing Foundation by AHF,’ a new program
spearheaded by AHF to address the housing crisis by providing faster
access to transitional and longer-term housing with a focus on
addressing the needs of low-income individuals and
those unsheltered or homeless, are opening their doors—and their
hearts—with a Valentine’s Day ‘We Love LA!’ open house and press
event at the Madison Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles (423 E. 7th
Street LA, CA 90014).

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:
New ‘Homeless’ billboards in Los Angeles echo iconic ‘Hollywood’ sign, cut to the heart of the crisis in L.A. and also expose bureaucrats’ lax response (Graphic: Business Wire)
The open house will showcase the Foundation’s work-in-progress
repurposing the Madison Hotel, a 220-room Single-Room-Occupancy (SRO)
hotel on Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles, into transitional housing for
the homeless and low-income individuals, with priority placement offered
to those with chronic health conditions.



advocates to host a celebration for the community to share how it
is repurposing Downtown L.A.’s MADISON HOTEL as transitional
housing for low-income individuals.



Wednesday, February 14th, 2018—10:30
a.m. to 1:30 p.m.



PRESS & PUBLIC REMARKS at 11:30 a.m.



Madison Hotel 423 East 7th Street,
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Michael Weinstein, President, AHF

Samantha Granberry, Vice President of Housing Services for
the ‘Healthy Housing Foundation by AHF’

Denise Weathers, Senior Director of Housing Services for
the ‘Healthy Housing Foundation by AHF’

Mark Casanova, Executive Director, Homeless Healthcare Los

Denise Williams, Resident, Madison Hotel

And AHF Mobilizer(s) and/or Clients



View ‘BEFORE’ and ‘AFTER’ model rooms in the Madison Hotel; also,
formal unveiling of the ‘HOMELESS’ billboard artwork (a foam core 2
foot x 5 foot copy of the ‘Homeless’ sign will be on site)



Ged Kenslea, Senior Director, Communications, AHF

+1.323.308.1833 work

+1.323.791.5526 cell

Background on ‘Healthy Housing Foundation by
AHF’ and the Madison Hotel & Sunset 8 Motel
The launch of the ‘Healthy Housing Foundation by AHF’ is part of a
community-based effort to address the exploding housing and homelessness
crisis in Los Angeles. AHF purchased the Madison Hotel1, in
Downtown L.A. in October 2017, followed quickly by the January 2018
purchase of a 27-room motel2 in the heart of Hollywood known
as the Sunset 8 Motel.

‘Healthy Housing Foundation by AHF’ is renovating and upgrading both the
former Sunset 8 and the Madison and is prioritizing housing placements
for individuals—and in the case of the Sunset 8, individuals AND families—with
chronic health conditions (but not necessarily HIV or AIDS). The Madison
had approximately 80 tenants in place at the time of the purchase, and NO
Madison tenants have been or will be displaced or evicted as that
transition and renovation process continues to unfold.
New ‘Homeless’ Billboard Campaign Echoes Famed
‘Hollywood’ sign; Lacerates Lax Bureaucrats
In addition to the open house and press briefing at the Madison Hotel on
Valentine’s Day, a striking new ‘Homeless’
billboard campaign intended put the spotlight on the burgeoning
homeless and housing crisis in Los Angeles as well as what many
advocates see as a lax, insufficiently urgent response from bureaucrats
and elected officials, launched this week with at least 15 billboards
posted throughout Greater Los Angeles.

The ‘Homeless’ billboards echo the iconic ‘Hollywood’ sign,
except that in a subtle, ironic take, the billboard replaces the letters
after the “H” and the “O” in “HOLLYWOOD” to spell out “HOMELESS.”

“Simply swapping out seven letters from the word ‘Hollywood’ and
replacing them with six from the word ‘Homeless,’ in the format of the
iconic Hollywood sign creates an ironic, powerful and visceral new
message that cuts to the heart of the crisis here in Los Angeles and is
one that many Angelenos will immediately relate to or identify with,”
said Michael Weinstein, President of AHF.

The only additional text on the ‘Homeless’ billboard is the web address
for ‘’
(done in the style of the ubiquitous green Caltrans freeway signs posted
throughout the state) where viewers of the billboards and the public can
get information on the homeless crisis, learn about the sclerotic
response from government and elected officials and find links to
directly contact their L.A. City Council Member or L.A. County
Supervisor to urge them to act decisively and more quickly to address
the crisis.
Snapshot of the Housing Crisis: Los Angeles
The 2017 homeless count in Los Angeles County was nearly 58,000
(57,794), a 23% INCREASE from 2016

The sharp rise, to nearly 58,000, suggested that the pathway into
homelessness continues to outpace intensifying efforts that — through
rent subsidies, new construction, outreach and support services — got
more than 14,000 people permanently off the streets last year. (Los
Angeles Times, 5/31/17 by Doug Smith & Gale Holland)

Homelessness also increased sharply in the City of Los Angeles in
2017, where the count of just over 34,000 was UP 20% from 2016. (L.A.
Times 5/31/17)
AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the largest global AIDS
organization, currently provides medical care and/or services to over
871,000 individuals in 39 countries worldwide in the US, Africa, Latin
America/Caribbean, the Asia/Pacific Region and Eastern Europe. To learn
more about AHF, please visit our website:,
find us on Facebook:
and follow us @aidshealthcare.

1 The purchase price for the Madison Hotel was $7,575,000
(the parking lot was $450K – total $8,025,000.00 less a repair credit of
$25K and a donation of $50K to AHF – net price $7,950,000) or
approximately $36K per room or unit.
2 The purchase price for the 27-room Sunset 8 Motel
was $4.6 million, or $170,370 per room or unit.
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