15:41 | 12.07.2018
IEEE Power & Energy Society Industry Technical Support Task Force Publishes Three New Technical Reports for Electric Power Industry Practitioners and Government Regulators

IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated
to advancing technology for humanity, and the IEEE
Power & Energy Society (PES), today announced the IEEE
PES Industry Technical Support (ITS) Task Force has published three
expert technical reports, which identify solutions to potential
conditions encountered by the electric utility industry today and in the
future. These include the IEEE PES “Impact
of IEEE 1547 Standard on Smart Inverters” provided to the US
Department of Energy (DOE), “Definition
and Quantification of Resilience” for the Federal Regulatory
Commission (FERC), and “Impact
of Inverter Based Generation Dynamics and Short-Circuit Performance”
developed jointly with the North American Electric Reliability
Corporation (NERC).

The globally relevant IEEE
1547-2018 Standard for Interconnection and Interoperability of
Distributed Energy Resources with Associated Electric Power Systems
Interfaces provides utilities, Distributed Energy Resources (DER)
developers, regulators, service companies, and equipment manufacturers a
uniform set of consensus-based requirements for distribution grid
interconnection and grid support across any type and size of DER

The IEEE PES “Impact
of IEEE 1547 Standard on Smart Inverters” technical report presents
smart inverter features, particularly related to solar photovoltaics
(PV), along with the implementation challenges and potential solutions.
Comprehension of the new IEEE 1547-2018 Standard is strategic for
utilities, manufacturers and regulators due to the increasing level of
implementation of DERs in power systems. Work on this technical report
began at the end of 2017 and was completed in mid-May 2018.

Also related with the integration of renewable energy sources, the “Impact
of Inverter Based Generation Dynamics and Short-Circuit Performance”
technical report was fast-tracked, with work beginning in Q4-2017 and
completed in June 2018. The report explores and provides a better
understanding of the implications of potential low fault current and
short circuit strength conditions on the bulk power system, and how to
accommodate a changing resource mix. It also addresses how large
penetrations of inverter-based resources affect the total system inertia
and frequency.

Similarly, the IEEE PES ITS Task Force delivered the “Definition
and Quantification of Resilience” technical report to FERC in less
than one month, providing the expert viewpoint of IEEE PES volunteers on
the important industry topic of resilience of the electric grid.

The IEEE PES ITS Task Force provides enhanced support and increased
cooperation with governments, regulators, and other industry
organizations globally on technical issues related to power, energy and
policy topics, coordinating its efforts with the IEEE
Standards Association (IEEE-SA), IEEE-USA
and relative societies and working groups within the IEEE.

“IEEE PES is home to the world’s leading innovators, architects and
implementers in the power and energy sector, and the PES ITS Task Force
better serves government and regulatory agencies’ growing need for
unbiased, independent and objective technical leadership and support on
key electric power and energy topics,” said Damir Novosel, IEEE PES ITS
Task Force chair, and 2016-2017 president of IEEE PES. “The accelerated
publication of these three technical papers demonstrates how quickly
IEEE volunteers can respond to important industry needs.”

IEEE PES, under its “More
Power to the Future™” initiative, has established a framework for
advancing standards leadership, education in the workforce, and global
participation, while staying abreast of industry activity trends and
actively participating in regulatory initiatives. As part of that
initiative, the IEEE PES ITS Task Force identifies and shares details on
technology gaps, proposing technical approaches in power and energy
fields of interest, (i.e. grid interoperability requirements, USA bulk
power system), while developing and disseminating information on
advancements in technology and associated methodologies for planning,
implementation and operations.

IEEE PES has signed Memoranda
of Understanding (MOUs) with several national and international
government and regulatory agencies including the US Department of Energy
(DOE), the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the North
American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), the State Grid
Corporation of China (SGCC), and the Ecuadorian Ministry of Electricity
and Renewable Energy (MEER).

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About IEEE Power & Energy Society
The IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) is the leading provider of
scientific and engineering information on electric power & energy for
the betterment of society and a trusted resource dedicated to the
technical, informational, networking and professional development needs
of its members. With over 38,000 members around the globe representing
every facet of the electric power and energy industry, PES is at the
forefront of the rapidly changing technological advancements that impact
everyone’s future. PES celebrated its 125th year of service in 2009.
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IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization
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its highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and
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