16:35 | 13.06.2018
Solidia Technologies Supports IEA’s Mission to Accelerate Adoption of Carbon Capture and Storage Technologies and Clean Energy Solutions

Technologies® joined industry leaders today at the
International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Carbon Capture, Utilisation and
Storage (CCUS) Policy and Investment Workshop for discussions on
advancing worldwide adoption of CCUS technology.

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Solidia Concrete™ pavers loaded into the CO2 curing chamber. (Photo: Business Wire)
Presenting on “What role can CCU play in CCUS deployment?” Solidia’s
Director of Business Development Brian Leary shared “Making
Sustainability Smart Business: Driving CO2 Demand by Creating
Opportunity across a Value Chain.”

“Within five years, Solidia’s need for CO2 will more than
double the existing CO2 market,” explained Leary.
“Collaborating with IEA, we hope to help develop a robust CCUS
infrastructure, transforming a pollutant into a valuable commodity and
advancing sustainable technologies.”

The workshop followed the IEA World Energy Roundtable where Solidia CEO
and President Tom Schuler spoke on the role of commerce in advancing
sustainable innovations. “The shift from seeing sustainability as an
opponent of profitability to seeing it as an asset is happening right
now, and IEA is on the cutting edge of it,” commented Schuler.

The annual IEA Roundtable convened energy, finance and industry experts
to provide insights for IEA’s report, World Energy Investment 2018, and
the interaction of investment, technology and policies. Today’s Workshop
brought together leaders in industry, government and finance to confer
on commercial deployment of CCUS worldwide as a key emissions mitigation

“We have the potential to make a big impact on carbon issues. Cement and
concrete is a big market where big change is needed and can be absorbed,
with the potential for tremendous societal benefit,” said Schuler.
“We’re working with status quo markets — 200 years with no significant
innovation…that’s a huge opportunity. We need to create a CO2
pipeline. Support from institutions like IEA helps further that cause.”

Solidia’s systems produce a sustainable cement and cure concrete with CO2
instead of water, while utilizing manufacturers’ existing
infrastructure, raw materials, formulations and production methods.
Stronger, more durable and higher performing than traditional concrete,
Solidia Concrete™ products cost less to produce, reduce water and energy
use, and cure in less than 24 hours.
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