5:30 | 16.05.2021
Oregon’s Longview Ranch, Sticking True to Cowboy Heritage

Longview Ranch, located along Central Oregon’s historic Route 19 in Kimberly, maintains 30,000 stunning acres of diverse landscape. Five-hundred of those acres are devoted to producing top-quality Alfalfa and grass hay to feed the cattle herd through the winter and provide hay to sell to neighboring ranches.
Longview Ranch produces 2,000 tons of hay a year and sells between 600-800 tons of hay depending on the year. To irrigate these fields, Longview Ranch has installed 17 pivot-style sprinklers. These sprinklers, while more expensive, conserve water and erosion in the long-term, which is important to Longview Ranch.

The sprinklers also allow Longview Ranch to water the ground, even during a drought year, so that there is great production of Alfalfa and grass hay without wasting water or eroding the fields.

To learn more about Oregon’s Longview Ranch:
Longview Ranch YouTube: in the Life at Longview Ranch Blog: Longview Ranch
Located along Central Oregon’s historic Route 19 in Kimberly, Longview Ranch maintains 30,000 stunning acres of diverse landscape. Eight miles of the John Day River flows through the middle of the property, which operates primarily for the purpose of raising grass-fed cattle. With three tributaries sharing annual steelhead runs, Longview Ranch also manages 25,000 acres of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) grazing grounds and 485 acres of irrigated hay producing land, which is home to 800 mother cows and 50 bulls.
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